Exterior Painting

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Painting the exterior of your home can be a challenging task. Keeping it properly caulked, sealed and painted is crucial to maintaining the integrity of your investment. As soon as that old caulk begins to crack you do not want to wait too long to take action.  At True North Painting Co. we really do understand what it takes to paint your house the correct way. Most exterior painting starts with a bath for the house followed by proper prep and then painting.

We pride ourselves in taking this process seriously as we know it is important to you and for you. Work days start around 8 am and end around 5. At days end we make it a point to not leave your home looking like a job site. In fact we love when the only signs of us having been there are caulking marks on the house and a neat area with equipment nicely stored away. We pride ourselves in treating your property with respect while we are guests there.

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Quality of paints matter. At True North  Painting Co. we like to offer two options. We like to offer a 7yr paint and a 10 yr paint.  Whatever your budget we want to deliver the best product possible.